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Smoke Detector Services

Most local laws across the United States require the installation and proper functioning of smoke detectors in residential home and also on commercial properties. They are extremely valuable in protecting the life and safety of all in the residence and can pick up on dangerous warning signs that there may be a fire or trouble nearby. Having a battery backup for your smoke detector is also extremely important. Depending on your residence, more than one detector may be legally required in your home. Brighton Electric knows the ins and outs of local electrical codes are the trusted, licensed electricians to count on to get the job done right.

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Installation of smoke detectors often involves a lot of electrical wiring and should be discussed with an electrical contractor to determine the best location in your home to get the maximum use out of it. We install smoke detectors and handle smoke detector wiring in residential homes, new construction homes, main hallways and often times garages. We also provide smoke detector repair services to ensure that no unwanted problems occur to jeopardize the safety of your property.

There are two main types of smoke detectors:

  • Ionization Detectors– They have an ionization chamber inside of them which reacts to nitrogen and oxygen atoms inside and has to do with the positive and negative charge of electrons. When smoke enters the chamber, the electrical current that flows inside is disrupted and the alarm will sound.
  • Photoelectric Detectors- This type uses light, or the reduction of light to the detector, to set off the alarm. If smoke blocks a light beam, the alarm recognizes the reduction of photocells and the alarm will sound.

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