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Common Electrical Problems in the Home

Brighton Electric wants you to be safe and prepared!

Most homeowners are NOT skilled electricians! When both minor and major electrical problems present themselves in the home, it can be extremely stressful and often times dangerous if you are not aware or don’t know how to handle them. At Brighton Electric (link to Home page), we want to make your home and lifestyle as comfortable and convenient as possible by ensuring that your electrical system is safe and functioning at its maximum potential. We want to take a few minutes to discuss some common electrical problems in the home so new or electrically inexperienced homeowners will have some idea of problems they may run into.

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At Brighton Electric, we provide a wide variety of residential and commercial electrical services to our valued clients in Allentown PA, Harrisburg PA, Lancaster PA, Reading PA, Scranton PA, Wilkes-Barre PA, York PA, Philadelphia PA, Bethlehem PA, Mechanicsburg PA, Lebanon PA, Williamsport PA and surrounding areas. We are a family-oriented company with a staff of professional, licensed electricians that are guaranteed to get the job done right… the first time! Our use of the best electrical tools, products and methods set us apart from our competition in the industry.

We provide electrical services in the following areas:

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Common Household Electrical Problems

Spikes and Surges in Voltage:

  • These can be caused by storms or accidents outside the home but can also be caused by indoor electronic appliances and devices like microwaves, air conditioners and power tools. Spikes and surges can be extremely damaging to electronics over time. They have been known to destroy or shorten the lifespan of expensive electronics including televisions, computers, stereo and gaming systems, refrigerators and more.
    • TIP:  Get plug in surge protectors to protect your indoor home electronics. Surge protectors also offer a certain measure of protection from outdoor spike and surge sources.

Problems with a Tripping Breaker:

  • If your breaker won’t reset after it trips, it could be responding to a condition elsewhere on the circuit, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a faulty breaker or GFI (ground fault interrupter).
  • If your breaker tends to trip when high watt electronics like your microwave or blow dryer are used, these devices may be too powerful for the circuit. Try using other devices at that location and if that doesn’t work, you may need a new separate circuit.

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Problems with Bulbs & Lighting Fixtures:

  • If your light bulbs have a high burnout rate it may be the type of bulb you are using. If this occurs in various areas of the home, you have a bigger problem with your electrical system.
  • For blinking or flickering bulbs, you may have a poor connection along the circuit. This occurrence spread throughout the home means trouble with a main wire.
  • If your bulbs are dim in some rooms and bright in others, or if your bulbs tend to pop or appliances have recently died, you most likely have a bad main neutral connection which will continue to damage your home.
    • TIP:  These problems could be minor, but if they are on the serious side it is very important to call your local trusted electricians at Brighton Electric to make sure that your system is safe and healthy and to avoid any future damages or dangers to your home, property and family.

If your Dryer Won’t Heat Up:

  • You may have a poor connection at the dryer’s receptacle or circuit breaker. If you use a fuse box, it is also possible that one of your two dryer fuses is blown.

Dead Outlets:

  • If a set of outlets or lights die in your home, first you should reset the breakers or the GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupter). If that doesn’t work, you may have a bad connection along a circuit.
  • If outlets aren’t working in your bathroom, kitchen, garage or in other outdoor areas, it is likely because your GFI or GFCI requires them to go dead when there is a risk of being shocked. If a device “tripped off,” the outlet may be dead.
  • If half of your outlet doesn’t work and the other half does, use over time could have loosened the connection that one half has on the cords you plug into it. Another option is that half of the outlet may actually be controlled by a wall switch that you are unaware of.

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These are just some of the electrical problems that commonly frequent homes. It is important to be aware of what potential problems may occur so you are prepared to make the appropriate choices to fix them. Some problems are minor adjustments that you can perform in your home, but often, these problems can be serious you need professional assistance from a certified electrical company.

Brighton Electric is here for all of your electrical needs. Our electricians are trained, certified and experienced in all aspects of electrical repairs, electrical installations and electrical maintenance. Don’t wait for problems to find you! If you notice any odd patterns in your home electrical system, call Brighton Electric today. We will work hard for you to give you peace of mind about the comfort, health and safety of your home and family. We proudly serve the counties of Montgomery, Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Lebanon, Leigh, North Hampton and surrounding areas.

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